Fill The Lower Unit On Your Boat In One Minute Or Less!           


It is small, lightweight, portable and easy to store.
It holds enough gear lube to fill the lower unit in one simple application. (No need to stop and change bottles or tubes in the middle of the process.)
  • The see-through container shows lube level at a glance.
  • It’s virtually maintenance free – just wipe it clean and store for the next use.
  • Changing the gear lube in the lower unit adds longer life to your boat motor, increases performance and heads off costly repair bills in the future
One (1) gallon capacity

Buy Today!
EZ Lube
Maintaining The Lower Unit On Your Boat Motor Has Never Been Easier!

Now you can change the lower unit gear lube in less time, with no mess in just a few quick and easy steps.

The E-Z LUBE™ pump has a pressure relief valve which protects against over pressurization and allows you to relieve the pressure when not in use or while re-filling the container.

The E-Z LUBE™ pump will pay for itself in time savings alone.


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