The E-Z Lube System™ has a brass valve that releases pressurized gear lube into the loEZ Lube Systems | 877-830-3781wer unit through a tapered rubber nozzle that fits all lower units; no need to buy special adapters. The rubber nozzle has an internal brass fitting for durability. The valve is also made of brass for durability and has a built in filter to keep any debris out of the lower unit. The filter is easily removed and can be cleaned with soap and water. 

The E-Z Lube System™ fills lower units differently than other consumer products; i.e. squeeze tubes or small soap dispenser type products that require hundreds of pumps.

The E-Z Lube System™ is pressurized through a uniquely designed, heavy-duty pump that incorporates a sleeve to isolate the pump diaphragm from the gear lube. The sleeve also directs pressurized air into the container at the top which prevents aerating the gear lube.

The output hose is at the very bottom to assure faster emptying of the container. In other pressure containers fluid exits from the top, through a tube that extends close to the bottom, thus leaving some fluid in the container.

The E-Z Lube System™ see through container shows the level of gear lube at a glance, in one quart increments. The container provides a convenient, mess-free storage for unused gear lube from one use to the next.

The E-Z Lube System™ has a pressure relief valve for safety and to conveniently release pressure before re-filling or storing.
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