Drain Kit for use with Mercury only.

Kit Contains:
1 ea. Thread In Adapter
1 ea. 24” Clear Tube

Drain Kit Instructions:[IMAGE]
  1. Remove Drain Kit from bag.
  2. Uncoil and straighten the clear drain tube.
  3. Remove the Bottom Plug from the Lower Unit of your boat motor. (See manufacturer  ’s instructions.)
  4. Quickly insert the Thread-In Adapter to the Bottom Plug opening and tighten appropriately.
  5. Insert the opposite end of the clear drain tube into an approved container to capture the old gear lube.
  6. Remove the Top Plug and continue the draining process until the Lower Unit has completely drained. (This might take some time as gear lube is a thick lubricant.)
  7. When all the gear lube has completely drained, disconnect
  8. the Thread-In Adapter and wipe away any unwanted gear lube.
  9. Leave both plugs removed. You are now ready to refill your Lower Unit.
Drain Kit for use with Mercury only.
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